October 14, 2021

Running Shoes That Protect Ankles and Knees

By EMERS Vietnam Ltd
Running Shoes That Protect Ankles and Knees

Runners are usually aware of the need to be proactive in taking care of their joints. Since running is a sport that can take its toll on the ankles and knees, runners are no strangers to aches and injuries. Proper running shoes designed to protect the ankles and knees can help.

While proper running form takes care of the main causes of ankles and knee issues, your shoes make a difference too. The first thing to look for when finding the right shoes for knee and ankle protection is to make sure you're choosing running shoes. These will provide more support and cushioning, particularly in the heel, than all-purpose tennis shoes or athletic shoes designed for a different sport. Additional features to look for in running shoes that protect your knees and ankles include:

1. Cushioning in the heel and midfoot

2. Proper fit, including snugness around the sides and a little room at the toes

3. Good grip to prevent slips and falls

4. Support in the sides and sol

Gel-Kayano 28


This is a durable, highly cushioned running shoe that's great for supporting bad ankles or knees. It's also ideal for runners with low arches, but it’s not designed for those with high arches. Additional features of the GEL-KAYANO 28 include:

1. Mesh uppers to keep your foot cool

2. Flexible sole to allow for a more natural roll through your stride

3. DYNAMIC DUOMAX® technology that supports your foot, especially for runners who tend to overpronate or roll their feet inward as they land

4. SPACE TRUSSTIC™ technology in the midsole and deeper forefoot flex grooves to provide stability
Reflective material on the rearfoot for higher visibility

5. Reflective material on the rearfoot for higher visibility

Gel-Nimbus 23


The GEL-NIMBUS 23 also provides excellent support and protection for the ankles and knees. It has soft, plush cushioning that minimizes impact and force. This shoe also has:

1. Unique eyelet shaping that allows the upper to move more naturally with your foot

2. Soft mesh upper for breathability, which is especially helpful on long runs

3. A stretchy midsole panel that hugs your foot, allowing for more flexibility in movement

4. Upper made of recycled materials to support sustainability for the planet

5. Soft, GEL® technology cushioning unit in the heel as an excellent shock absorber

ASICS GT-2000™  10

ASICS GT-2000™ 9

The GT-2000 series has been serving runners for over 30 years, loved for its stability and cushioning. Casual joggers and professional runners both appreciate the ankle and knee protection this shoe provides. The GT-2000 9 gives you:

1. One-piece mesh construction for enhanced fit

2. Reinforced upper material for added support as your foot rolls through your stride

3. FLYTEFOAM® technology and GEL technology cushioning to produce a lightweight shoe that protects against shock

4. A sockliner and upper manufactured to reduce carbon emissions and water usage

You can also choose the GT-2000 9 G-TX, which has all the same advantages with the added benefit of GORE-TEX (G-TX) fabric construction. This weather-resistant material provides added comfort and protection in wet conditions.

Gel-Venture 8


This trail running shoe has cushioning in both the rearfoot and forefoot to provide extra protection to your knees and ankles. While made for trail running, the shoe is versatile enough for hiking and road running as well. Additional benefits you'll find with the GEL-VENTURE 8 include:

1. ORTHOLITE™ sockliner for cushioning the forefoot

2. GEL technology for cushioning the rearfoot

3. EVA midsole to increase rebound and reduce fatigue

4. A construction that molds to your foot for a comfortable run

5. Sturdy, synthetic leather upper for added support

6. An internal heel counter that encourages a natural line of motion for your foot and efficient stride

Source: ASICS
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